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Frequently, organizations are in need of an external service that is fully or partially responsible for the management of their Projects and the administration of their Contracts.

From the Evaluation and Development of Investment Projects, to Contract Administration and on-field Supervision, our company is an important strategic partner in the planning and creation of investment projects.

At Mankuk we have a strong team of engineers willing to apply their knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to lead projects in an exceptional way, meeting the objectives and planning of our clients.

  • Evaluation and Development of Investment Projects
  • Elaboration of Procurement and Contracts Plan
  • Integral Development of Bidding Processes for Services and Supplies
  • Support in Negotiation with Contractors and Suppliers
  • Elaboration of Contractual and Procedures Models
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Integral Contract Administration
  • Specialized Technical Supervision on field and Quality Control