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Mankuk ́s comprehensive services for the elaboration and processing of sectoral permits are contracted by Clients that need support in project development, both in Construction and Operational Stages, in mining, energy and infrastructure industries.

These services consider from the technical advice and on-field survey for the elaboration of documents, to the processing and monitoring to obtain the sectoral permits.

Mankuk is responsible, among others, for the preparation of the following permits:

  • Report of Proposed Construction
  • Building Permits (New Building Site and Modifications)
  • Final Reception of Works
  • Authorization of Preliminary Works and / or Demolition
  • Demobilization notice
  • Declarations and Communications of Electrical Installations
  • Height Installation Certificate for Electrical Lines
  • Authorization of Works and Operations Project of the Private System of Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage
  • Authorization of Works and Operations Project of the Private System of Wastewater Treatment
  • Hazardous Wastes Storage
  • Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • Handling of Non-Hazardous and Urban Solid Waste
  • Authorization of Facilities for Food Consumption
  • Declaration of Installation of Liquid Fuels
  • Letter of Notice for the Commencement of Mining Activities
  • Modifications, Channel Crossing
  • Authorization for Private Passenger Transport
  • Authorization for the Circulation of Vehicles with Overweight and / or Oversize that Circulate by Public Roads