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The construction of the urban park in Cerro Grande would begin at 2020


At the beginning, the park will have 88 hectares available with hiking paths, tracking, viewpoints, bathrooms, offices, parking lots and playgrounds, among other services.

The authorities reported that the Park construction design was completed, so this initiative would be ready to be tendered and begin its construction during the next year. They also emphasized that only remains obtaining the RS, which is the favorable recommendation given to it by the Ministry of Social Development.

“We should have that (RS) in these weeks. Then we have to bid, and we want to start the works at 2020,” said Hernán Pizarro, Dwelling and Planning Regional Secretary. In addition to that, the authority indicated that for more than a year they had worked on this process that involved the realization of 4 citizen participations, where the concept of the park was defined and also the required equipment.

The first stage considers 88 hectares at the south west area, with an estimated investment of 4.300 million pesos.

The design includes, within its complementary works, a Master Plan for the correct circulation of rainwater, urban planning designs, public spaces, green areas, landscape, circuit works for bicycles, observation trails to perform trekking, with medium-height tours and summit tours, with thematic stations, services and development of spaces with universal accessibility, as well as areas for research and environmental diffusion.

“In the citizen participations we collected the recreation and sports subject, so the Park could be a place that involves the family,” said Hernán Pizarro, who added that “it is intended as a metropolitan park, because it would include La Serena and Coquimbo.”

Pizarro also emphasized that special care will be taken to maintain the flora and fauna of the area, avoiding interventions that affect this natural habitat. “It’s going to be done respecting the environment and the landscape, so we’re going to keep the native flora, we’re not going to bring in trees or plants that aren’t endemic. In fact, rather than just putting iron and concrete we are going to enable a space that can be totally enjoyed, but from a well-sustainable and ecological perspective”.

It is estimated that the total construction will last for 18 months “so by the end of 2021 we should already be finishing the first stage,” the regional authority emphasized.

Mankuk participated in the design of irrigation, drinking water and sewage systems for the development of this important green area for the la Serena-Coquimbo conurbation

Source: Diario El Día