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Parque Balmaceda
Parque Balmaceda
Línea 7
Parque Balmaceda Línea 7

Probing, small pits with which Metro is preparing the construction of Line 7

Metro de Santiago is already working on the construction of the Line 7. Specifically, in the Parque Balmaceda, located in Providence suburb, the company is making excavations called “calicatas” which hardly can be seen through the millimeter space between panels that surround them. “This chores objective, is the study of soils mechanics of the future Line 7,” says a sign that also has a warning to soothe the anxiety of people in one of them: “it is not the beginning of construction of Metro. It is not the point where a station will be located permanently. It is not an expropriation or unauthorized occupation of these lands”.

In the Parque Balmaceda, archaeological test pits are being made, which are intended to raise and anticipate potential findings in the areas of construction. These drillings have a depth of 5 meters and are led by an archaeologist,” explains Metro in a statement.

The calicata is an excavation of a small pit, to observe soil and analyze, in this case, what difficulties could face the construction of a tunnel. During the 18th century, Santiago built embankments to contain the Mapocho river and in 1977 the workers who built the Line 1 found one of these works precisely under the Balmaceda bridge.

“In all the layout of the Line 7 we have been developing a few months ago the calicatas or exploration pits, which are intended to define the geotechnical properties of soils that will be excavated. This actions helps us to define and understand the strata of the land through which the new line will pass. Also, archaeological drillings are being made, in order to lift and be ahead of potential findings in the area of construction”, explains the Manager of the Metro Projects Division, Felipe Bravo.

Mankuk is carrying out these archaeological tasks referred in this article published by “El Mercurio” of the construction sites of the future Line 7.

Source: LUN