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“Metro” starts extension works of Line 3: “Quilicura” residents will take 20 minutes to Santiago Centre

According to the Government, if the preparative design and work are considered, the work has an advance of an 18%. The new line will benefit more than 210,000 people from 2022.

This Tuesday President Sebastián Piñera gave the start to the excavation works for the extension of Line 3 of the Metro de Santiago, located in Manuel Antonio Matta with Bernardo O’Higgins,
steps from the “Quilicura” square and civic center.

Works will add 3.8 kilometers and three new stations to the underground network train benefiting more than 210,000 inhabitants of the commune starting from 2022.

“Today digging work begins, but this project did not begin today, it’s been a long-time process. In fact, if we incorporate the work of planning, engineering and management practically one fifth of
the work is already done”, said the President.

In Addition, he explained that “now we start working on what it is to make a vertical well and from there to make the tunnels horizontally that is a new way to build the subway , which means that it is much less invasive, affects much less the quality of life of the people while the subway is being built”.

Meanwhile, the Transport Minister, Gloria Hutt, said “this extension is very important (…) one of the stations will be ready to connect with the north railway extension so that everyone has access
to very high-quality public transport”.

The Secretary of State also asserted that “this work already has at least 18% progress among all designs and preparations”.

The mayor Juan Carrasco stated, “for us it is a historical moment, of great joy, we have waited a long time these works that today begin, but I also think that this is the time to take on the
challenges that Quilicura needs”.

“With respect and affection, I know he has for his country, President, this Quilicura is an area that today requires a better quality of life, is what we are getting and is what we have been working all
this time” he added.

In the activity, in addition to the President of the Chilean Republic and the Transport & Telecomunications Minister, were also present the regional governor Karla Rubilar and the president of “Metro”, Louis de Grange.

Mankuk is doing the archaeological advisory of construction works of the Line 3 extension.

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