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Nuestros Arqueólogos En Terreno Finalizando Las Labores De Rescate De Osamentas
Nuestros Arqueólogos en terreno finalizando las labores de rescate de osamentas
Nuestro Arqueólogo y el Director Gerente en Terreno visitando la Plaza de Armas de Petorca, junto al edil de la comuna.
Nicolás Ruano (Izq.) y Mauricio Compagnon (Der.) en visita Técnica a la Plaza de Armas de Petorca, luego de firmar contrato
Visita de Terreno a los trabajos realizados en la plaza de Armas de Petorca
Planos de la Plaza de Armas de Petorca
Nuestro Arqueólogo Supervisor en reunión final.
Nuestros Arqueólogos En Terreno Finalizando Las Labores De Rescate De Osamentas Nuestro Arqueólogo Y El Director Gerente En Terreno Visitando La Plaza De Armas De Petorca, Junto Al Edil De La Comuna. Nicolás Ruano (Izq.) Y Mauricio Compagnon (Der.) En Visita Técnica A La Plaza De Armas De Petorca, Luego De Firmar Contrato Visita De Terreno A Los Trabajos Realizados En La Plaza De Armas De Petorca Planos De La Plaza De Armas De Petorca Nuestro Arqueólogo Supervisor En Reunión Final.

Archaeological Rescue Work at Petorca’s Main Square

On November 29th of 2018, Mankuk and the Ilustrious Municipality of Petorca signed a contract to begin the arrangement of a permit to carry out an archaeological rescue in Petorca’s Main Square. This permit was granted by the “Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales” (Council of National Monuments – CMN) on December 5th of the same year, according to the Mayor statements on his Facebook personal profile.

The bones rescue works and prospections of fifty pits was carried out during the months of December 2018 and January 2019, ending the first week of February. After this, the CMN, through an official document “ORD. CMN No 471”, dated February 12th of 2019, approves approximately 90% of the ground prospected and authorized the resumption of the improvement works of the Petorca’s Main Square, with the exception of a quadrant located in a corner in front of the Church, where it ordered new indications to modify the original project, because the most important archaeological findings were there.

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