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Gira Tecnológica De CEOs En Baviera | Mankuk

Mankuk participated in the Technology Tour of Latin American CEOs in the German state of Bavaria

Between may 2 and 5, Mankuk participated in the CEO Mission Agenda in Bavaria, Germany, aimed at senior executives from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Mauricio Compagnon, Managing Director of Mankuk, and Marcelo Villagrán, Legal Director of Mankuk, visited various locations in the largest German state, such as München, Augsburg and Nürnberg, where they were closely involved in their innovation and development processes.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Infrastructure and Technology of the Free State of Bavaria during the event, the state is characterized by having a strong industry with a great variety of SMEs and providing services in different industries such as manufacturing and construction, agriculture and forestry; commerce, restaurants / hotels and transport; community, social and personal services; and business services.

In this sense, they emphasized that in Bavaria there is a creative and innovative environment, and that at the moment they are home to famous companies like Siemens, BMW, Allianz, Puma, Adidas and Audi, to name a few.

In addition, they indicated that the federal innovation policy is focused on two fundamental items: a policy of science and research and an active economic policy, which allows the development of new products, companies and markets.

This is strongly encouraged by the so-called Bayern 2020 Program – Bayern FIT Program (2008), which focuses on Research, Innovation and Technology, which seeks to expand R & D infrastructure; strengthen interconnection between universities and other institutes; and make agreements for innovation with the authorities and entities. The instruments for this are based on providing infrastructure for R & D (universities, institutes outside universities), promoting research projects, stimulating the creation of technology companies, facilitating the transfer of technology and supporting networks and clusters.

Among the programs and funds for research and development in Bavaria are the technological developments of SMEs (development and application projects), innovation bonds for PEs, the development of new technologies, the Bavarian Foundation for Research; and energy and environment. The latter focuses on the most efficient generation and use of energy (REV), geothermal energy, the use of biomass and renewable resources, CO2 reduction, energy saving in buildings, and credit for environmental projects.

Finally, the Ministry emphasized in its presentation that Bavaria promotes the creation of technological companies and the transfer of technology and knowledge, through specific institutions and instruments.