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Mankuk Y Los Demás Integrantes De La Gira Tecnológica Visitan Enercon

Mankuk visited the fabric of the renowned manufacturer of wind turbines Enercon in Germany

As part of the technological tour of the Chilean-German Chamber (Camchal) to Germany, Mankuk visited on April 27 in the city of Magdeburg the factory of Enercon, the largest german wind turbine company.

Enercon is recognized worldwide for developing the first direct-drive turbines, without multipliers, considered one of the great innovations of the last years that currently has been replicated by other manufacturers, such as Siemens, Goldwind, GE or Impsa, among many others, reported on its website the REVE Magazine.

The company gained popularity in the mid-1980s, after creating its first wind turbine in 1984: the Enercon E-15/16 with 55 kW of power. Subsequently, in 1986, the company made its first wind farm with 10 wind turbines E-16.

Today, Enercon is the world’s fourth largest wind power manufacturer and the largest in Germany, with a production of 17,000 wind turbines installed in more than 30 countries.

Mankuk y los demás integrantes de la Gira Tecnológica visitan Enercon