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Mankuk Archaeologist exposed in seminar on Coastal Protected Area of the Isla Grande de Atacama

IMAGE: Ilustre Municipalidad de Caldera

For two days in November 2016, government officials, tourist entrepreneurs, researchers, biologists, archaeologists, fishermen, divers, sanders, paleontologists and lovers of nature gathered in the port of Caldera to participate in the Seminar on Added Value Attributes of the Marine and Coastal Protected Area, Isla Grande de Atacama.

This event was organized by the Ministry of the Environment, through the Seremi de Atacama, and its main objective was to disseminate and inform the community in general of the attributes and main characteristics of the protected Marine and Coastal Area of ​​multiple uses of the Isla Grande de Atacama, with the purpose of involving them in the process of protection of this natural space that is located in the commune of Caldera.

This protected area, which is practically uninhabited, extends from Punta Morro in the north to the southern shore of the Copiapó River, with a coastal extension of approximately 36 kilometers, including the Grande and Chata Islands. The AMCP-MU (Coastal and Protected Marine Area of ​​Multiple Uses) Isla de Atacama includes numerous and varied ecosystems, with intertidal and subtidal areas important for conservation, marine and coastal biodiversity preservation.

Cesar Araya, Environmental Regional Officer, stated that “This seminar seeks to enhance the attributes of this protected area of ​​multiple uses (…) we as Ministry of the Environment are carrying out a plan of administration of this area, this time we are enhancing the tourist and geological aspects as the guest speakers have made known and with this we wanted to involve the young people of the commune, in addition to the fishermen, so that they know a little more and deepen a little more in the conservation areas of this protected area “.

Héctor Velázquez Outlining the Archeological Heritage of the Area to the Community

Among the speakers was Enrique Bernardez, a researcher at Universidad de Atacama; Tatiana Izquierdo, geologist and researcher at Universidad de Atacama; Angélica Contreras, researcher and author of the book “Flowers of the commune of Caldera”; Alonso Vega, marine biologist and investigator from Universidad Católica del Norte; Ricardo Cunha, an oceanographer and researcher at Universidad de Atacama; and Héctor Velásquez, Archaeologist of Mankuk Consulting & Services from the Universidad de Chile.

Source: Ilustre Municipalidad de Caldera | Press release